Season 2 Guests!

Photo by BrianAJackson/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by BrianAJackson/iStock / Getty Images

Season 2 is getting closer and closer and I'm excited to let my listeners know that this coming season will be totally different from the first.  You might have noticed that Season 1 was a little more educational and discussed some of the basics of First-Time Buyers or Sellers.  In Season 2, I found some great guests to tell you what they did well, mistakes they made, and how you can make the buying or selling process much easier. 

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Upcoming Segments!

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Hey NewTimers! I want you to know that every week I plan unique segment ideas that are catered to you! We will continue to post 3 times a week for new buyers, sellers, and Realtors.  On top of this, we're continuing the NewThoughts Segment with new reads, and ideas to sharpen your goals.  

I know that creating a successful business is only part of the equation.  Like Clay Winder mentioned in Episode 10, we have to focus on the people who make our transactions happen in the first place.  Life is about growing and using that growth and success to benefit others.  So twice a month, we will post a segment called, "Soul Estate," where I sit down with the top organizations who are using Real Estate in some way to give back to the community and those who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. 

The first Soul Estate segment posts this Sunday, April 22! Be sure to listen! 

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Good News!

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NewTimers is back up on iTunes! ALSO,  NewTimers is on Amazon Echo and Dot! Say, "Alexa, Play the NewTimers Podcast," and Alexa will play NewTimers via Tune In. If you don't have Tune In on your Echo Speaker, go to the Amazon Alexa App and Enable Tune In to hear it play! 

"You Can't Always Get What You Want." A Tip From Taylor, on how to Negotiate, taken from the Rolling Stones.

Hey NewTimers! 

This week, we had some amazing new episodes posted to the podcast.  The second part of my interview with Taylor was even better than the first! 

Taylor's biggest key's to success in Negotiating were looking for a Win-Win for each party, and following the PLATINUM rule, not the golden.  We all know the golden rule, " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," but the Platinum, is " Treat others how they want to be treated."  Surprisingly, to most new negotiators, you actually don't need to be a jerk! Be professional and be yourself, and you will always find a Win-Win for your clients.  

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Episode 5: Setting Realistic Buyer Expectations Re-Cap


Hey NewTimers! If you tuned in to the most recent episode of the show and wanted a quick Re-Cap of the myths and tips we mentioned, here they are! 


1. The Real Estate Agent Can't Help with Options

2. You CANNOT buy a Home without Granite

3. Location won't make a difference in Price Range

4. Cosmetic and Structural Renovations are the same thing

5. New Homes come Perfectly at the lowest price

6. You only need to worry about what's above the surface

Not only should you AVOID these unintended Myth's, you should always focus on 3 THINGS: 

1. Your Budget or Price Range

2. Location

3. Age and Condition

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Episode 3: Why Should Buyers and Sellers Use You?


Here are some good reasons, Buyers AND Sellers should use you, (The Realtor,) and some helpful ideas for creating a Value Proposition: 

1. You are an Expert! 

2. You know where the best properties and comparables are! 

3. You SHOULD have Bullish Negotiating Power

4. You're connected to EVERYONE!

5. You adhere to a Strict Code of Ethics

6. You are in touch with the Top Vendors

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Episode 2 Re-Cap: Why Should Sellers List with a Realtor? And can they make the same amount of money?

Here is a Re-Cap of why you should Avoid "For Sale by Owner:" 

1. Opening Your Home to Strangers

2. Those Who Are Looking Are RARELY Pre-Qualified, or Don't have the Cash to Pay for Your House

3. Buyers Agents Won't Bring a Buyer to A House for Free

4. You've Priced to High or Too Low

5. Financial and Legal Liability

6. You May not Ever Sell the Property

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Episode 1 Re-Cap: Why Should Buyers Use Realtors?


Hey NewTimers! I hope you enjoyed the episode. Below is a quick re-cap of what we discussed. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe and share!

5 Reasons you should use a Realtor: 

  1. Realtor’s Don’t Charge Commission, They Earn it!

  2. Realtor = Negotiator

  3. Safety/Price Range

  4. Needs and Costs

  5. Relationship with an Expert


Down Payments:


  1. Occupied Homes: 2-3% Down, Investor Property: 20-25%

  2. No Down Payment Options Available, but a little more difficult process

  3. Higher Down Payment = Lower Interest Rate

  4. Cash is King!

  5. Guard your Credit with Your Life!


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A New Way to Digest all of the Information on NewTimers Podcast!

Hey NewTimers! I know a lot of you out there who listen to the show, but also want a quick re-cap of everything that was discussed or even some extra articles on the same topics.  This blog is going to be the place to find that! 

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