Upcoming Segments!

Newtimers upcoming segments.png

Hey NewTimers! I want you to know that every week I plan unique segment ideas that are catered to you! We will continue to post 3 times a week for new buyers, sellers, and Realtors.  On top of this, we're continuing the NewThoughts Segment with new reads, and ideas to sharpen your goals.  

I know that creating a successful business is only part of the equation.  Like Clay Winder mentioned in Episode 10, we have to focus on the people who make our transactions happen in the first place.  Life is about growing and using that growth and success to benefit others.  So twice a month, we will post a segment called, "Soul Estate," where I sit down with the top organizations who are using Real Estate in some way to give back to the community and those who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. 

The first Soul Estate segment posts this Sunday, April 22! Be sure to listen! 

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