Episode 1 Re-Cap: Why Should Buyers Use Realtors?


Hey NewTimers! I hope you enjoyed the episode. Below is a quick re-cap of what we discussed. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe and share!

5 Reasons you should use a Realtor: 

  1. Realtor’s Don’t Charge Commission, They Earn it!

  2. Realtor = Negotiator

  3. Safety/Price Range

  4. Needs and Costs

  5. Relationship with an Expert


Down Payments:


  1. Occupied Homes: 2-3% Down, Investor Property: 20-25%

  2. No Down Payment Options Available, but a little more difficult process

  3. Higher Down Payment = Lower Interest Rate

  4. Cash is King!

  5. Guard your Credit with Your Life!


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