Check out the First Episode of NewTimers!

Hey NewTimers! Here is the First Official Episode of the new Show.  The topic this week, is going to be on the importance of Using a Realtor.  

Also, for those who subscribe to iTunes and other Podcast Mediums, we are planning to have that ready next Monday, April 2nd.  

Here is a quick Re-Cap of the 5 Reasons you should use a Realtor: 

1. Buyers Agents Earn Commission, they don't charge one. And the Seller pays for the 3%

2. Having a Realtor is Negotiating Power

3. Safety in Walking Through a Home, as well as, Knowing that you Pre-Qualify for it.

4. Knowing the needs, as well as costs necessary for the purchase.

5. A Great Relationship with an expert you can refer to your friends

Bonus Segment: Down Payments & Credit